COVID – 19 Updates

The City of Monroe is committed to doing our part to provide a safe community and will do whatever is necessary to limit the spread and impact of the COVID-19 virus.  We appreciate the efforts that everyone is undertaking to protect the health and well being of our people.  We encourage residents to stay at home if possible and especially if you are feeling ill.   Please continue to do your part in protecting the common good of the public health and safety of our community.   Thank you.

COVID-19 Updates

-Jasper County, Iowa First Covid -19 Confirmed Case. Jasper County Health Dept. Press Release: Click HERE -15 Days to Slow the Spread: CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE
Federal Resources -Click HERE for the CDC -Click HERE for EPA Information for Disinfectants -Click HERE for White House COVID -19 Task Force -Click HERE for US Small Business Administration
State/Local Resources -Click HERE for the Iowa Department of Public Health -Click HERE for the Jasper County Emergency Management -Click HERE for Governor Reynolds Declaration of State of Public Health Disaster Emergency Plan -Click HERE for Iowa Workforce Development Website for Employment Information -Click HERE for Iowa Economic Development Authority Business Recovery Assistance -Click HERE for Jasper County Elderly Nutrition Meal Delivery