Iowa 2021 Tornado Drill March 24th at 1100 am

We’ve fielded a few questions about the 2021 Iowa Tornado Drill over the past couple of days, but wanted to cast a larger net to ensure that there’s no outstanding confusion.  First things first, the Iowa Tornado Drill WILL take place at 11 AM on March 24th, 2021.  We 100% encourage PSAPs, schools, EMs, businesses, first responders, & the public to practice their emergency/communication procedures & sheltering plans.  Drilling is vital to knowing & executing your plan when seconds count.
The two changes for this year’s Tornado Drill are…
·  Change #1 – The Tornado Drill will NOT be accompanied by the traditional Test Tornado Watch & Tornado Warning.  Note: Thus PSAPs will NOT receive these products over NLETS.
o Instead, the Tornado Drill will be “activated” by a *special* Weekly Radio Test over NOAA Weather Radio (NWR). The weekly radio test is alerted on NWR.
o The NWR test will be followed by notification to ALL Iowa NAWAS Warning Points.
·  Change #2 – The time of the drill has been shifted to 11 AM to accommodate the timing of the NOAA Weather Radio Weekly Radio Test.