Spread the Word: The Time to Act is Now 2020 CENSUS

Beginning on Constitution Day, September 17, through Sunday, September 20, join Census Bureau partners nationwide in reminding your network that time is running out to respond to the 2020 Census.

Share this 2020 Census graphic with your social media followers using the hashtag #2020Census, and post this 2020 Census banner on your website. Plan to send an email or text message reminder to your employees with a link to respond at 2020census.gov, and post a reminder on your intranet. 

Support your digital engagement with activities like chalking the sidewalks in your community. For example, social media reminders could be combined with “Chalk the Walk” reminders that ask your stakeholders and social media followers to chalk “last chance to be counted in the #2020Census” on their sidewalks.

With the deadline for 2020 Census responses just a few weeks away, please post frequently to remind people to be counted.  Posts here are easy to copy, paste and post.

Thanks in advance for sharing!

1).   Use attached visual with census taker:


Your response to the #2020Census impacts our community for 10 YEARS.

If a census taker visits you, please respond.

You only need to answer a few basic questions.

There’s still time to respond on your own:



 2).  This count-down clock works for posts on Facebook:


There’s still time to respond to the #2020Census.

But the clock is ticking down.

Go now to 2020Census.gov

Call 844-330-2020.



 3).    Share this video (click link – then click lower right “share” icon:

Your Response is Crucial

CONTENT to post with video:

Be counted in the #2020Census.

Tell your family, friends and neighbors

EVERYONE counts in the census.

Go now to 2020Census.gov

Call 844-330-2020.


 4).  SPANISH language post:

Share this video

A Story About Carl

CONTENT to post:

No seas un fantasma.

Ser contados.

Responder al censo de 2020.




5).  “Be Counted” GIF visual attached

CONTENT to post with GIF:

Have you been counted in the #2020Census?

It’s not too late.

Count everyone who lives with you.

It’s IMPORTANT – results of the census will impact the next 10 years for our community’s govt representation and funding.



6).  GIF attached – “How to complete the census online”

Did you get a notice at your house about a visit by a census taker to complete the #2020Census?

Take 10 minutes now to impact the next 10 years.

Respond online 2020Census.gov.

The census easy, it’s safe and it’s IMPORTANT.


Tracy Stevens, Partnership Specialist
Chicago Region-Iowa

U.S. Census Bureau
M:  (515) 817-3906
census.gov  |  @uscensusbureau

Shape your future.  START HERE > 2020census.gov