September 11th City Council Agenda


Monroe City Council
September 11, 2017
7:00 P.M.
Monroe City Hall
206 West Sherman Street
Monroe, Iowa 50170

  1. Consent agenda
  2. Committee and board reports
  3. Consideration of Casey’s Class C Beer, Class B Native Wine and Sunday Sales for 509 S Monroe Street
  4. Consideration of Southside Bar & Grill’s Class C Liquor, Outdoor Service and Sunday Sales for 104 S Commerce Street
  5. Hometown Pride –Keep Iowa Beautiful Project Updates
  6. Old Settlers Committee request to have adult beverages on city square September 30, 2017
  7. Discussion on removal of Monroe Public Library playground equipment
  8. Discuss potential hiring of 4th Officer for Monroe Police Department with the possibility of setting interview date and times
  9. Consider RFP’s for demolition of property located at 314 W Marion with the possibility of awarding of bid
  10. Resolution approving CD renewals
  11. Resolution authorizing approval of the Capital Improvement Levy to be on the November ballet
  12. Resolution approving the City Street Financial Report for year ending June 30, 2017
  13. 2nd reading for Ordinance amending Chapter 41.12 of the Monroe City Code of Ordinances concerning the use of Fireworks
  14. 1st reading of ordinance increasing Mayor and Council compensation
  15. Set trick or treat night


Open Forum